pane relief


My latest plan is to use Thursdays to pitch our window cling silhouettes. I hope you won’t mind. The latest, for sale (HERE), came to be because Richard was fascinated by the bronze cat statuettes (circa 600 BC) he found in a book about Egypt. We went back and forth, refining the design so that it would read as a silhouette.

DSC_0010 (1)

Birds aren’t the only birdbrains out there. Plenty of humans have mistaken a sliding glass door (at least one in the home of a fastidious housekeeper) for an open portal to the great outdoors. One of these guys, applied at eye level, could prevent a serious headache, or worse.

14 thoughts on “pane relief

  1. Yes, one of my close family members had a serious tussle with a glass door–resulting in 100s of stitches and surgery. She still probably has a few shards under the skin. Not a pleasant experience. I like the design of this one! You do good work!

    • Never thought about dog protection. I’m always feeling sorry for the subjects of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The humor almost always comes at their expense.

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