gbbd, such as it is

Kalanchloe fedtschenkoi

Kalanchloe fedtschenkoi

I see others coming up with blooms in their gardens, look around mine and sigh…maybe next month. The above kalanchloe fedtschenkoi is the closest thing to a bloom I could find and it is indoors…and not quite blooming yet.

hothouse Cyclamen

hothouse Cyclamen

Since I’ve moved indoors, I’m sure you will forgive me for including this Cyclamen left over from Christmas. The little stoneware bird watching over it sits atop a stoneware book whose spine reads “Silent Spring” and its color matches that of the cachepot holding the cyclamen (once in a while everything comes together this way). For the real deal Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, go to (May Dreams Gardens)

20 thoughts on “gbbd, such as it is

  1. I think Kalanchloe and Cyclamen are totally valid contenders. Whatever might be blooming outside right now will probably still be blooming next month, so it’s nice to switch it up with some indoor fare, methinks.

    • There’s a companion pot that is a bit smaller but I killed the Cyclamen that lived there by overwatering. I just HAD to go for Cyclamen instead of joining your Poinsettia Challenge but I sure enjoyed seeing what others came up with.

  2. I include indoors in my garden space. If there are plants, it counts. I have very little blooming outdoors right now, either. Even indoors, most of what I have for this bloom day is buds.

  3. Oh my, I won’t have outdoor blooms until March, so you are blessed to be anticipating them soon! I do have a Cyclamen houseplant that I take outside and bring back indoors every fall. It’s looking very healthy, but no flower buds that I can see yet. I think they usually appear in February. They are beautiful plants. Mine is pink; I like your white one, too!

  4. Blooms are blooms and yours work beautifully! In addition, indoor blooms can be appreciated much more than outdoor ones during this dark wet season! Love the stoneware bird on Silent Spring.

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