foliage follow-up

DSC_0002 (1)

I stayed indoors for my foliage shots this time, wimp that I am. The wonderful marbled leaves on red stems with red veining on the undersides came from Evan at the last plant swap. Maybe he can enlighten us as to its name.

Kalanchloe orgyalis

Kalanchloe orgyalis

Kalanchloe orgyalis is also known as copper spoons. It would take on a more coppery tone if it were to get direct sunlight.

DSC_0008 (1)

Shoddy record keeping strikes agin. I do love this little guy, whatever his name.

Sedum morganianum

Sedum morganianum

It has taken years for this lovely lady to grow her trailing locks of Burro’s Tail Sedum. Be sure to visit Pam (Digging) to see what foliage fanciers have in store for this month’s Foliage Follow-Up.

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