in a vase

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Some of the rose hips from last week have been carried forward (just one stem of the plummiest ones to echo the color of the glass pitcher).


There are lots of buds on the Viburnums out in the hedgerow. I actually prefer them to the flowers, especially when they catch the light like this.

DSC_0008 (1)

One lonely Abutilon blossom braved the ice and snow to be included here. A sprig of Rosemary threatening to bloom soon completes the picture. Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) is undaunted by snow or any number of misfortunes. She finds something to put in a vase every Monday of the year, and you can too.

16 thoughts on “in a vase

  1. Is your rosemary really only just beginning to flower; mine’s been flowering since the end of October, a winter flowering plant I can depend on but somehow don’t think about much! The Viburnum buds look just like berries don’t they, maybe that’s why we both like them.

  2. Oh I agree about the viburnum buds rickii – such a pretty shade of pink and perfect to pair up with your vase and the amazing purple rose hip. Thanks for sharing

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