wednesday vignette

Phlomus russeliana

Phlomus russeliana

At every stage of life (and death). Phlomus russeliana entertains. This may be my favorite phase…at least until the new flowering stalks show up with their amusing pom poms crowned by a pair of leafy ears. Anna (Flutter and Hum) is winging her way to Sweden, camera in hand. Her first vignette of the trip is a stunner.

12 thoughts on “wednesday vignette

  1. Phlomis are wonderful, they seed all over my garden, but aren’t difficult to control, I intend allowing more to grow on the slope. The seed-heads look fabulous in a vase too don’t they, or sprayed gold for Christmas.

    • I haven’t had them seed around but have divided the original clump many times and they seem to thrive no matter where I put them. You’re the second person to mention using them in a vase, so that’s sure to turn up one of these Mondays.

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