garden bloggers’ foliage day

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Is it cheating to feature a deciduous tree during its bare season? Maybe, but I do love this little weeping birch tree.


I’m not crazy about its placement right outside my studio window. Once it leafs out, it obscures much of my view of the rest of the garden. That might not be such a bad thing, as it cuts down on distractions.

DSC_0002 (1)

Its most charming attribute just now is the way raindrops gather at the tips of the many branches, creating a sparkling umbrella. Is a second foliage meme overkill? Not in my foliage-frenzied opinion. If you are with me on this, be sure to click through to (My Garden of the Hesperides) to see what Christina and her gang have in store.

13 thoughts on “garden bloggers’ foliage day

  1. I grant you an official meme variance so that you can include your weeping birch, which I love. Is that as tall as it gets? Do you know what species it is?

    • I think it will get taller. This is one Richard slipped in without giving me a tag, so I’m not sure about the species. He probably got it from Means, where they are not fastidious about such things.

  2. I agree you can’t have too much foliage, thanks for joining this month Rickie. I like your idea when is not foliage, foliage? I suppose I always mean form and texture when I’m thinking about this so your deciduous tree fits perfectly well for me.

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