a witchy vase


Another Goodwill vase serves as the base for some branches of Hamamelis ‘Diane’. Almost as an afterthought, I snipped a branch of catkins from a volunteer hazel.


One branch of Rainbow Leucanthoe picks up the red of ‘Diane’ and some Euonymous ‘Emerald and Gold’, sporting its winter blush, fills out the base.

DSC_0020 (1)

I was complaining about ‘Diane’ being not very showy but I was being impatient. The strappy petals have elongated over the last week. If I stick my nose right in there, I can even detect a slight citrusy scent.


So ‘Diane’ is back in my good graces (even rates a close-up) and I still have ‘Early Bright’ to look forward to, even if the “early’ bit is misleading.


I couldn’t get back far enough to get a good shot of the whole shebang, so here’s a look at the catkin branches.


Now scoot on over to (Rambling in the Garden) if you’d like to see what Cathy and her guests are finding to put In a Vase on Monday.

19 thoughts on “a witchy vase

  1. The Rainbow Leucothoe really accentuates the colour of the Witch hazel. I added a few stems with catkins to my tulips and have a couple of branches in a large pot too; nice to think that some plants are at the same stage in both our areas.
    The image of the whole shrub is amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one look better.

    • I noticed your catkins but forgot to mention them, so blown away was I by the tulips. ‘Diane’ has had ten years to settle in. I often take cues from your garden for things to try in mine.

  2. I may have several witch hazels, rickii, but it will be along time before I can be as generous in a vase as you have been – don’t they look stunning?! Saying that, they look far pinker in your pictures than mine, which is a definite red – is it an illusion? I looked up Early Bright as it is not one I had heard of – strange that it is definitely NOT early for you this year. Is it usually? The additional twigs and foliage are perfect partners to the witch hazel and don’t detract from its specialness at all – thanks for sharing

    • I see ‘Diane’ as a definite red. Maybe there’s a difference in our monitors…or our eyeballs. This is the first year in the ground for ‘Early Bright’ here. Those in town are going strong, but we are always later in our woodland retreat.

  3. I love this as bare branches really speak to me. Your Diane is incredible! I just planted one last year and haven’t noticed it blooming yet – must go check. ‘Early Bright’ is proving elusive in area nurseries but I’ll look when I’m in Portland next. Great composition!

    • I can’t remember if my ‘Early Bright’ came from Portland Nursery or Garden Fever but I think it’s readily available around here. Never satisfied, I’m now eyeing ‘Jelena’.

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