it might as well be spring (gbbd in a vase)

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That last stretch of sunny days, R had a Great Notion. Our cherry trees had become encrusted with lichen and it seemed there was too little light getting through congested branches. So he got his Paul Newman on and did a little lumberjacking.


I rescued some of the budding branches in hopes of forcing them into bloom, then went in search of other material to fill out the vase.

Rhododendron 'Janet'

Rhododendron ‘Janet’

Well, what do you know…the first Rhododendron blossom was just emerging on ‘Janet’.


Pussy willows are rather miraculous. These were branches that came in a store-bought bouquet. After enjoying them in a vase, I stuck them in the ground and Voila! In a mere three years I have sizeable shrubs.


A few branches from Giant Sequoias make a feathery scrim. The slugs were feasting on Helleborus x ‘Apricot Blush’ so I picked them for their own good. Just one went into this vase.

DSC_0010 (2)

I know the pros advise stripping stems below the water level, but I like the look of the submerged lichen and greens. It will be interesting to see if they gunk up the water…I’ll let you know. Now it’s time to click through to see what Cathy (Rambling in the Garden) and her growing fan club have found to plonk in a vase this week.

30 thoughts on “it might as well be spring (gbbd in a vase)

  1. He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK… Seems a lot of branches to cut down for the sake of a few sprigs in your vase though, rickii…!

    The pussy willows are amazing, having rooted so easily and are a great addition along with your rescued hellebore bloom and the pretty rhododendron. Is it pink, is it white? Hard to tell, but with a very virginal appearance. Thanks for sharing rickii – and the lichen in the water look too.

  2. I love it when new voices pop up here. Welcome! Clicking on your avatar took me to your profile. You mention a blog but I found no way to get there. Can you enlighten me?

  3. I’ve always admired pussywillows, although they don’t grow here. As a small child, my brother even named one of our cats (it was his turn) “Pussywillow.” She was gray but, at 4 years old, I have no idea where he got the name. That cat lived to be 19 and you have no idea how ridiculous the whole family was when we had to go outside and call “Pussywillow, Pussywillow, Pussywillow”!

  4. Señior Newman, good work. It might make even make the apples taste better.
    I´m doing the same here, clearing a couple palm trees so the mango gets more sun. Raise a toast to our fruit trees.

  5. Such a charming arrangment…and if the vase is clear..its as much as what can be seen in the water…I love the arrangement both above and below..and the lichen is so beautiful.

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