a sorta vase this monday

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Primroses from the everything store never fail to call out to me. I pulled the stems of red berries out of the front entry wall pocket and just nestled a couple of these pots in amongst the ‘Thunderhead’ pine boughs. The boughs hide the plastic pots and I don’t have to go through the messy process of repotting. It’s a stretch to call this a vase but you can see some real vases by clicking through to (Rambling in the Garden) for Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday.

19 thoughts on “a sorta vase this monday

  1. I hear the siren call of primroses as well. Just got a bunch of them at Means where they were on sale. Your “vase” is cool! I’d not thought of pairing primroses with pine and the result is delightful!

  2. It may not be a “vase”, rickii, but you’ve got the arrangement thing going beautifully with the orange primroses and the green pine boughs. The orange beckon to me, too, (in contrast to the intense red or bright magenta ones that yell, “stay away!”)

  3. It’s in the spirit of a vase, rickii, and will bring you (I trust) the same sort of pleasure. I like these ‘sunset’ shades of primroses, although I know they are not everybody’s cup of tea. Thanks for sharing

    • There are those who go batty over primroses and those who snub them. I can never resist when they sing their cheery song in the drab months.

  4. Oh, that’s a great idea Ricki. Lovely. When I was at the hellebore festival recently I lingered over large and attractively-priced pots of primroses and am kicking myself for not getting some.

  5. Primroses and primula do that for me too. I couldn’t resist buying some blue ones only this afternoon. Your arrangement is such fun – I like the sunny orange and pink of your primroses.

  6. I love the arrangement! It has character. I usually succumb and purchase primroses each year but, for once, I held firm and avoided the sadness of seeing them shrivel in our early heat.

    • Mine go out into the woodland, where they provide a feast for slugs. For some reason, the white ones seem to come through unscathed (relatively).

  7. Some arrangement was necessary, so I think this could fall into the vase category Ricki. In any case it is lovely… I was nearly tempted by all the primroses on sale at our market today, but it is still a bit cold and wet for any planting and they don’t like the warmth of the house. Maybe next week!

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