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So well camouflaged was this fine fellow that I would never have seen him had he not leapt into the air right at my feet. Which raises a question: do they change color, chamelionlike, to blend in to varying backgrounds? The markings are the same as those on a bright green sibling spotted on bright green leaves and a dark green one in the dark green grass.


I was headed to that green building across the street, an art supply store.

DSC_0010 (2)

Out front of Little Baja was one of these welded outdoor fireplaces ( is chimnera the term?) so I had to go check it out.


There were others in heavy terra cotta in styles ranging from straightforward to comical.


I bought a large terra cotta pot here many years ago. While others have flaked or broken as a result of freeze/thaw cycles, my pot from Little Baja has soldiered on through it all.


A gallery of gargoyles are inviting me back sometime before next Halloween.


Should your taste run to more imposing statuary, they’ve got you covered.


Personally, I was drawn to these simple cubes. If I remember correctly, medium sized ones were $59 and the large ones were $105. I just don’t know how they would fit in with all of the terra cotta I already have. Anyway, Little Baja is a fun destination if you’re a local and you find yourself on East Burnside (around 15th or so).

14 thoughts on “friday grab bag

  1. Friday Grab Bag is a good idea for all those odds and ends we find each week. Frogs and Toads do change color a bit. That one is quite dramatic difference from bright green. I’ve not seen Chimineas in such a variety, might need to head to the local Mexican pottery shop for a new look. Good Mexican Terracotta is surprisingly frost proof. Pass up the thicker style if you find it, it’s not so good.

    • I always seem to wind up with a few photos that don’t fit into a theme. I remember Friday Grab Bags from childhood and the excitement of never knowing quite what would be in there. “Chimineas”: that’s the word I was looking for…Thanks.

  2. I learned with the Q&A that I am not organized enough to keep a meme going. I just find that odds and ends tend to accumulate and Fridays seem like good days to round them up. Good luck with the frogs. I’m sure water would help.

  3. Looks like a good place with very reasonable prices. Love the comical chimineas. We’ve had a couple, terra cotta and cast iron. Neither of them was ever used much as I seldom sit in my garden. Now they are used as plant stands.

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