happy halloween

My tablescape for the holiday would never have happened without a suggestion from Frances over at Faire Garden. When she saw my last post about Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’, she said “Why not cut some branches, paint them shiny black, and use them as Halloween decorations?” I thought that an excellent idea. Here’s a close-up of the branch:


And people think blogging is a useless waste of time? Thanks, Frances…and Happy Halloween to all!


4 thoughts on “happy halloween

  1. Wendy: The pumpkin is Musque de Provence, or ‘Fairy Tale Pumpkin’. Good observation about the “surreal”-ness. I remember a Salvador Dali jewelry exhibit I saw as a child, where there was a beating ruby heart encircled by platinum thorny branches…hadn’t remembered that until I read your comment.
    Loree: Thanks! I owe it all to Frances.

  2. Gosh, Ricki, thanks so much for the link love and kind words! Blogging, the garden type anyway, is truly more than just the posting of words and photos. It is a community, a family. Your pumpkin fairy tale is the perfect touch. I remember that Dali painting too, so apt. The branch is truly a work of art. Well done! 🙂


  3. Clever and so appropriate! You and Frances have synergy.
    But I agree with Frances: garden blogging is so much more than just writing about gardens. I’m indebted to many garden bloggers for opening my eyes to amazing plants and plant culture.

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