friday grab bag

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Dontcha just love hostess gifts? These real eggshells were hollowed out to receive some tiny sedums and sempervivums (hens and chicks), putting a new spin on the chicken or egg conundrum. Peter (the Outlaw Gardener) featured some eggshell planters that are made of porcelain. It’s a fun idea, either way.


This was so easy. Late fall, Freddie’s had bulbs on sale, buy one get one free. They went into a couple of clay pots over the winter and now bring all kinds of cheer to our front steps. Credit goes to (Jason) for reminding me to do this (his display is about ten times more extravagant).


Just in case you are suspicious of the “tough love sale”, this Magnolia stellata came from there last fall, and just look at it.

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Impossible to truly capture (except for a few of you) but the morning light these past few days compels me to try.

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And I simply could not stop at one…nor two, but I’ll refrain from that old home movie habit of putting you to sleep. We’re looking to have an exceptional spring weekend…hope yours is great too.

13 thoughts on “friday grab bag

  1. The morning light is compelling this time of year. I’ve been rushing out early with the camera each day this week. The Magnolia stellate is a beauty. Have a good weekend.

  2. Potted tulips rot in my potting soil, although I’ve discovered a trick to keeping them alive. Your clay pots would help keep the soil dry but terracotta cracks in the winter here. I love those eggshell planters! So cute! 🙂

    • One trick is to bury the pots. I didn’t, but lucked out with our winter weather. I have buried them before and they came through harsh weather (maybe not as harsh as yours).

  3. Magnolia stellata is such a tough plant. I love mine, though the display is rather short-lived this year with the heat and beating rain. This time of year, the morning light quickly turns harsh in my garden, but the evening light is beautiful.

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