halloween recap

Can’t seem to let go of this holiday…but this will be the last of it for this year, I promise. We took a little trip to St. Helens (the town, not the mountain) to deliver boxes of apples and pears to a friend with a bakery there. Driving through on Hwy 30, one would never suspect that if you turn right, away from the strip mall atmosphere hunkered around the highway, you can wind your way down to the river’s edge, where you will find the charming remnants of the original town.


All along both sides of the main drag, at regular intervals, inventive scarecrow-like figures stand sentinel.


Like this tattered shade.


A towering pirate.


And a wacky chef doing a jig.


An ornate iron gate protects the grandest house on the street.


Where a gathering of ghouls and goblins await intrepid “trick or treat”ers (if, that is, they can get past the giant spiders cavorting on the stairs).

On the way home, we stopped at the Scappoose Fred Meyer to pick up a few things. The joint was jumpin. A costume contest for kids was attracting bevies of tiny princesses and fairies, hordes of skeletons, spacemen and hobos. My favorite was a mere babe in full pirate regalia. The woman who pumped our gas sported impressive black feathered wings, dark glasses and black horns sprouting through a maroon wig styled in a short bob. We live down a sheltered lane where nary a costumed kid has ventured in the six years we have lived here, no matter how much we doll up the house in attempts to lure them. That makes it vital for us to get out and about to soak up the ghostly atmosphere. Wouldn’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “halloween recap

  1. I bet the kids have to double-dare each other to walk up on that spider-bedecked porch, past those huge frightening ghouls, to get candy! I hope they give out big bars, for running that frightening gauntlet! Sorry you didn’t get any munchkins, my folks didn’t either for the second year straight. We got 51, which is pretty average for us, but would probably be more if we didn’t live up a lot of stairs from the street! Happy (belated) Halloween!

  2. Ricki~~ I want to steal that gate! The house is beyond ostentatious. Alluring. I want to see what’s inside despite the “guards” at the door. I love the spiders crawling down the steps, totally unique and ingenious. I assume the shopkeepers put these ghoulish characters up; kind of the equivalent to the hanging flower baskets in summer. I wonder what they’ll do for Christmas.

  3. Wendy: The spiders were my favorites, too.
    Karen: I wonder if today’s kids are even scared. I remember the (safe) scary feelings of trick-or-treating, but some of the stuff on TV today REALLY scares me.
    Grace: Must be a fun business association at work here. Interesting thought…will have to return to see their Christmas incarnation.

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