my vase is late so there’s 2


So much of what is blooming now is old fashioned, like the lilac. I love it and wouldn’t want to miss having that fragrance in the house, but wanted to update it some.


Combining it with the acid green blooms of Euphorbia wulfenii and a single ‘Queen of the Night’ tulip did it for me.


A new vase came from the local one-stop for half off.


You can’t get much older-fashioned that bleeding heart and forget-me-not.

DSC_0005 (1)

Rescued from prissiness by a few emerging bronze leaflets of tree peony. If you haven’t yet tuned in to ‘In a Vase on Monday’, I strongly recommend you click through now to (Rambling in the Garden) to see what it’s all about.

13 thoughts on “my vase is late so there’s 2

  1. I like your updating touches. Great ideas for lilacs which I tend to plunk into vases by themselves. Lilac, Forget-me-not and Bleeding Heart make my sentimental heart happy!

  2. Mondays are a great excuse for treating ourselves to new vases these days, and this white one is really quite elegant. I love Bleeding Heart, and combined with forget-me-nots it makes a great arrangement. Enjoy the lilac scent!

    • The bleeding heart is in an out-of-the way place in the garden, so I’m enjoying having it in the house (though I did only pick one stem). Oh, yes…the scent is divine, and not overpowering.

  3. I know what you mean about ‘old fashioned’ but they are in fact both charming – and what an apt description of bleeding heart… prissiness! Thanks for sharing

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