grab bag on thursday


Here’s the little patch in the middle of the “lawn” meant to gradually expand to take over as much of the open space as I can manage. Several grasses came home with me from the swap so it will be expanding faster than I had even hoped. There’s a big rock there that we rescued from the highway verge (biggest one the both of us could manage…oh, for a truck with a lift).

Allium 'Gladiator'

Allium ‘Gladiator’ provided nice spots of color while blooming.

DSC_0015 (1)

The foliage on the oak tree from the Tough Love sale (can’t seem to find the tag) has such delicate foliage that I think it will provide sparse shade even as it grows.


R did some selective mowing, leaving patches of buttercups (they are the bane of my existence as they try to invade every bed and border, but I love their cheery presence here.

Rosa moysoii geranium

This rose, purchased from Roger Gossler at the Portland Fling, was purchased for her shapely hips. This is the first time I have seen her brilliant, single red blooms. Now I am in love all over again. Pay no attention to that woman behind the computer who claims to not care for roses.

Iris 'Raven Girl'

The Iris show was resplendent this year. A newbie this year is this near-black one…’Raven Girl’

Iris spec-x 'Alley Oops'

Proof that a silly name can’t keep a delicate beauty down…’Alley Oops’…really?

Panicum 'Heavy Metal'

Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’

And now for the Means report. It’s time for the super sales. All of these are 5 gal pots or larger, starting with Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’, one of my favorites, at $6.99 ea. It doesn’t look like much now, but the flower spikes are fabulous later on.

pink Rhododendrons

pink Rhododendrons

Good-sized Rhodys for $4.99.

variegated Agapanthus

variegated Agapanthus

At $4.99 ea. these variegated Agapanthus are a bargain even if they don’t make it through the winter.


They are just coming into bloom, with lots of buds showing.

Stella d'Oro day lilly

Stella d’Oro day lilly

If anyone is interested in Stella d’Oro, here they are for $4.99, about halfway through their bloom cycle.


Lots of good-sized Jaspanese Maples in several colors are $9.89 ea.


They are all dark, some redder than others.

DSC_0002 (1)

I’m not exactly sure of the size, but those pots are larger than 5 gallons. If you’re out this way on Sunday, stop by Joy Creek to say hello. The garden is looking fabulous and we have a new batch of Heucheras for just $7.50 ea…’tis the season of hot sales, dontcha know.

21 thoughts on “grab bag on thursday

  1. Wow! I can’t believe the prices in your sale (put me down for some of the Agapanthus please!!! ha ha don’t think I could afford the cost of delivery though). BTW are you sure it is an oak? the leaves don’t look oak-like at all.

  2. Good luck with your expanding garden. Off to great start. Agapanthus at that price would make me happy. I bought 2 at the end of last fall for about that and one overwintered and has put out small amount of foliage. Hoping. Gorgeous black iris.

  3. This is a new approach for me. I’ve usually started by building a berm. I’ll be revisiting this project from time to time to document progress.

  4. I think I may have to stop at Means one day! Are you working at Joy Creek this Monday ? I’m thinking of a doggie day out !

  5. It will be exciting to see your project expand over time! Your red rose is sweet! Looks like there are some great deals at Means & Joy Creek’s Heuchera sale sounds swell, too!

    • Most plants here are more expensive too. This is just a place that puts its overstock out for incredible prices. That would be some big dig! I’ll stick with nibbling away at it slowly.

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