In a Vase on Mon…er, Tues…day


This is definitely cheating, but since I get to put together big, showy bouquets at work, with the four acres of display gardens at Joy Creek at my disposal, I just had to share one with you.


The yellow umbrels are Blupleurum, which I hope to enjoy in my own garden when the baby plants from our spring swap mature and start to flower. Garlic flowers from the veggie garden are beautiful and what’s more, they have staying power. Draping over the edges of the vase are a few branches of Lecesteria formosa. Some foliage from a golden Physocarpus and the upright form of a striped Miscanthus fill things out.


The little fleshy pink bells of Clematis ‘Myo Fuku’ have been attracting a lot of attention in the garden. Unfortunately, Maurice has been unable to find a source, despite a concerted effort. With a mature garden of twenty-five years, there are bound to be a few plants that are no longer available. The puffy balls are the seed-heads of that same Clematis.


And here’s the arrangement in place in the barn, where there is a lot of necessary clutter in the background. Our eyes compensate but the camera is less forgiving. Now please click through to Rambling in the Garden to see what bloggers who stick to the rules and find material in their own gardens to feature in a vase have to entice you.

19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Mon…er, Tues…day

  1. What fun that must be! Cutting and collecting from the gardens at Joy Creek, you lucky duck…and of course they’re lucky too, to have you be the one with secateurs in hand.

    I love what you’ve put together, and was nodding my head with your comment “Our eyes compensate but the camera is less forgiving” — I find that the case here when photographing a “in a vase” composition that looks great in person but lost in the photograph.

  2. It’s a lovely arrangement Ricki, and I do love that clematis – both flower and seed head. 🙂 You have a great job with all those materials at hand!

  3. How intriguing – so what is your role at these gardens? I love the greens in this vase – and must look up bupleurium as it is not the same as the one that I grow. Love the tiny clematis too. Thnaks for sharing – whatever day of the week it is!

    • It’s officially retail, but we all do a bit of everything. I even got to dredge up graphic skills to do the invitation to Twilight in the Garden. Wish you lived nearby so you could come.

  4. Even there, the choices dwindle as the season progresses. In a way, that makes it more fun and challenging. So much fun working with Tamara…you must miss her.

  5. Ricki,
    Congratulations. A Vase On Monday becomes A Vase Everyday at Joy Creek.
    I´m happy to be witness to your evolution. Everything accumulates and must find new paths of expression. I like your style here, just enough flavoring of Asia mixed with the the Natural Northwest. And do I detect a sometimes similar color palette to your early fabric sculptures ?
    What fun you must be having, Enjoy!

  6. Okay, fess up. You’ve been to flower arranging school, haven’t you? That is the coolest arrangement I’ve seen in a very long time. Absolute perfection! I bet you’re getting lots of compliments. … And you know, I’d be tempted to try cuttings on that Clematis. It’s a dandy. … And one more thing, I’ll make a note to share Love-Lies-Bleeding ‘Dreadlocks’ seed with you. Please remind me (space cadet) if I don’t send it before the end of the year. I bought a little plant for a dollar last year at a Cub Scout fund raiser. In fall I just shook the plant to get the seeds and then threw it in the yard debris can. I had lots of baby plants this come up spring. It couldn’t be easier.

    • Oh Grace…’Dreadlocks’ seeds would be much appreciated. Maybe I should strew them near Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’. And I forgot to wish you a Very Merry Unbirthday last month, when you should really celebrate your birth. Will any summer month do?

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