o, the light! the light!

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One night each year, Joy Creek throws a party to celebrate its wonderful customers and to share the sights and scenes that twilight brings to the gardens.


We used my ‘Spinnaker’ banners to mark a few spots where the lighting effects seemed especially dramatic.


Monica tied in all sorts of festive streamers and little brass bells.


Many grasses wore halos of light for the occasion.



People wandered or broke into small groups to chat and exclaim


while the music of the Brian Christopher Jazz Quartet lured many to simply sit and listen (though their strains could be heard throughout the gardens)


And there were treats, of course. If you live anywhere in the area, do yourself a favor and put this on your calendar when it rolls around next year.

13 thoughts on “o, the light! the light!

  1. I’m not sure what you see that looks like Hibiscus. The vase held Hydrangea ‘Pink Diamond’, Japanese Maple foliage and a few sprigs of Persicaria ‘Firetail’ and Phygelius. In the little bowl with the biscotti is a Dahlia. Connie Hsnsen Garden in the fall…now there’s an idea.

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