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Brunnera 'Alexander's Great'

Brunnera ‘Alexander’s Great’

I’m crazy for these patterned leaves.


I was just thinking that I needed more of these, when lo and behold: Baby Brunneras popped up nearby.

Rosa moysoii geranium

Rosa moysoii geranium

Finally, a nice crop of the shapely hips for which I purchased this rose from Roger Gossler at the Portland Fling.


It’s not half bad in bloom, either…and the leaf shape is nice. Lots here to earn it “favorite” status, even though I claim not to be a rose person.

Hypericum 'Brigadoon'

Hypericum ‘Brigadoon’

A ground cover where you never need to weed? That’s favorite material right there. Then there are these fun flowers to seal the deal…plus it seems to escape the deadly rust that plagues its brethren.

The last Friday of each month is the time to round up your favorites (at the moment) and leave a link at the Danger Garden. I’m late, but there’s still time to join in or even just check it out. Warning: your list of must-haves may grow.


And now for my favorite August sighting: see the little green guy hiding out in the pot of Sedums and Haworthias? He even hung out there long enough for me to fetch the camera and snap his pic.

18 thoughts on “last friday faves

    • What? Still no frogs brave enough for the Danger Garden?
      Those hips were enough to tip the scales in roses’ favor. Now there is R. pomifera, with hips the size of crab apples…what next?

  1. I bought ‘Hadspen’s Cream’ Brunner this spring. It looks the same only it is green with gold instead of white. And why? Because if one Brunner is good, two are better. I think you agree since you’ve got Brunnera babies! And I love your little froggie. Aren’t they adorable?

  2. I’ll have to look out for that Rose , very sweet. I wish it were frogs and not mice scrambling around my garden , and dogs are useless …

  3. I love Brunnera foliage, too. I need to move mine to a less dry spot. I just saw a tree frog last night! It was hanging out on a clivia leaf on the back deck, waiting for the bugs around the porch light to come down.

    • The rose is rare but should be available from Gossler Farms (mail order, if that’s too far south for the plantmobile). Then again, it might show up at Hortlandia.

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