another simple vase this week

Euphorbia 'Fire Charm'

Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

I came home from work to find this single stem of ‘Firecharm’ sitting on the table on our front deck. Richard had found it broken off and simply stuck it in a vase. I couldn’t think of any way to improve on its simple elegance.

DSC_0002 (1)

The mask box is from Indonesia. It has slits in the eyes and nostrils, making it a perfect receptacle for potpourrie and a nice foil for the blazing leaves of the Euphorbia.

Euphorbia 'Fire Charm'

Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

A close-up reveals complexity not apparent at first glance.


The single stem is a dramatic departure from the jumble of a mixed bouquet. If you click through to Rambling in the Garden, you will see a very different approach and links to many celebrations of the connection between garden and vase.

19 thoughts on “another simple vase this week

  1. “A close-up reveals complexity not apparent at first glance”… as it is with many things in life.

    I do appreciate this approach to a vase. Why toss a broken (or pruned) bit from the garden when you can bring it inside and enjoy it? Props to Richard for saving this pretty stem.

    • More and more, I’m enjoying single stems to appreciate all by themselves. Isn’t it funny how we can often take a simple statement about the garden and expand it to cover so much more.

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