the spider gallery at joy creek


One of the owners, Mike, was gifted this metal spider sculpture. Its subtle presence on the side of the barn seems just right for the season of all things scary.


Not that we find spiders scary…at all! They are friends of the garden and their artistry stood out on a foggy morning.


There were the traditionalists, some adding a little twist on the side.


While others took a more free-form approach.


Whatever the style, raiments of captured dewdrops enhanced the early morning show.

21 thoughts on “the spider gallery at joy creek

  1. I get so mad at myself when I lumber right through one of these stunning works of art. I know they place them in conspicuous places in the hopes of catching something, but good grief… They never seem to learn that I’m way bigger than they are! And, that I obviously don’t look where I’m going…

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