a week & a day late, but 3 vases it is


What’s this about being late? Well, last week was the third anniversary of In a Vase on Monday, where Cathy invites us to find material to plonk in a vase by cruising our environs no matter the weather or the season. Yes, that’s every Monday, year round. Our intrepid leader has managed to accomplish this feat for three years running so, late or not, I simply must contribute my threesome to salute and celebrate her and the growing army of converts to this consciousness-raising enterprise.


The three little vintage wine glasses are perfect for the task. Nasturtiums are one of the very few flowers still rollicking along despite the changing weather. I purposely used them sparingly so that the stems in water become as much a part of the arrangement as the vivid flowers and the round leaves.


I must confess to being a bit in love with the simplicity of this, so I can’t stop taking pictures.


But here’s another threesome: I found the pots in a thrift store…especially charmed by the little round feet.


Another angle shows you the succulents living in the pots: Gasteria on the left, Cryptanthus on the right and who knows what in the middle. Sorry, but I’ve lost track of further identification.

15 thoughts on “a week & a day late, but 3 vases it is

  1. Looks like a Sanseveria in the middle–a tiny “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. But I am no expert. I have some of those little pots too but mine are galvanized. The little round feet are what sold me too. Very pretty Nasturtiums too.

    • I hate that I have to put saucers under the pots, but wood window sills take precedence. In summer, I can move them outside and appreciate the (foot)balls.

  2. Oh delightful, rickii – sometimes we forget the pure joy of simplicity when blooms are abundant. These are adorable – and your pots with round feet were clearly a great buy. Thanks for sharing

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