a winter foliage follow-up

Old Man Winter paid an early visit and threw a costume ball.

It would be rude of me to give away their identity, don’t you think? After all, going incognito almost always involves some discomfort.

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12 thoughts on “a winter foliage follow-up

  1. Winter swept in and caught us all by surprise! Your plants look magical, if not happy about the sudden season change. Did the snow melt right away? We are snowed in tonight, and it appears the chance of a white Christmas is about 100%. Enjoy the beauty, but I hope your plants will be just fine after the snow melts.

    • Just today the temperatures have begun to rise slightly. We should be in the clear by Christmas, which is fine by me. While I love the snow,it causes too many cancellations this time of year. I’ve already missed a few things that I was looking forward to.

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