christmas in a vase on monday

Back when I was designing gift wrap, I got so sick of red and green (we pretty much worked on Christmas designs year-round) that it was banned from our house. That was years ago and I’m over it. So when R came home from a shopping trip bearing the Poinsettia on the left, I greeted it with genuine enthusiasm. It even fit snugly into that antique green cache pot. A few days later, friends arrived for dinner with the one on the right and the die was set.

It, too, found a green pot to call its own. On a trip to JoAnn, the wrapping paper of green boughs turned up and everything started to come together.

Welcome back, red & green. You sure do make it feel like Christmas. Be sure to check out Rambling in the Garden to see what Cathy has up her sleeve this Monday.

18 thoughts on “christmas in a vase on monday

  1. Red and green together have always been a favourite combination of mine and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a splash of red. Glad you can welcome those colours back into your home Ricki! Have a good pre-Christmas week!

  2. Oh that works really well rickii, having the presents as your props – great idea. I agree that red and green certainly make it feel like Christmas – and red and green wrapping paper is often so much more tasteful than some of the others available!

  3. Designing Christmas gift wrap–that would put the strongest decoration-loving person off Christmas!

    Those cache pots are gorgeous, and your tablescape likewise.

  4. You’re a woman of many talents! You do red and green beautifully! For a long time I used cobalt for Christmas which led to purple and gold and now red and green are back here as well. Hope your Christmas was as warm and happy as this arrangement!

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