favoritism friday

This little corner of the garden is gardener’s pet right now. The painted ferns languished for years but have suddenly decided to man up…just in time to pick up the burnished theme set by the Rogersia ‘Bronze Pheasant’.

Trycirtis hirta will pick up the bronze with spotted flowers as the pheasant slowly fades to green. There’s a Thalictrum in there too.

Finally! Success with Camassia! This is their first year, in a new area I’ve been working on (more on that later, after I’ve had a chance to tidy it up).

I was pleasantly surprised by the intense color. I was expecting a pale blue.

This little cutie is Globularia cordifolia. New to me, I decided to put it in a pot, the better to appreciate the tiny details as tight buds gradually transformed into puffs of blue.

This is the last Friday of the month, time to join Loree of Danger Garden fame in a shout out to what we find especially appealing this month.

26 thoughts on “favoritism friday

  1. I’ve never heard of this meme. I like it. And I love your vignette. I was hoping my Rodgersias were going to keep that bronze color but they’ve turned green. Oh well. … That’s a really nice shade of Cammasia. … I need that Globularia in my life. For some reason I never see it for sale down here. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. That fern and rodgersia combo is fantastic! The camas are beautiful, too. I love that little Globularia. I have three of them growing at the edge of the patio. It’s surprisingly tough.

  3. You can grow such lovely plants in the PNW. Camassia is yet another plant that doesn’t like it here. I was interested to see your Globularia cordifolia. Coincidentally, I featured another member of the genus (G. x indubia) in my own favorites post.

  4. Your little corner combination is subtle and lovely. Congrats on the camassia success. Beautiful. I see it here occasionally but don’t think it thrives well here.

    • There are some impressive stands of Camassia growing wild in this region. I didn’t have much luck until I started to pay attention to the conditions they choose for themselves.

  5. Love the Camassia! I’ve been thinking a lot about getting some of my own. Are they ephemerals or does the foliage last through the summer?

  6. I have “pet corners” too …which means I neglect too many other areas ! I haven’t tried Camissia , didn’t think it would like my dry garden ?

    • This is the first year for the Camassia. It was really wet, as you know, but the summer will be dry. I’m more worried about the gophers.

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