like the white rabbit…

…I’m late for a very important date.

…late in so many ways. I’d been eyeing the bright red new foliage of Photinia for weeks but never got around to cutting it for a vase. As it transitioned from red to green, it passed through this coppery/bronze stage. One opportunity lost, another presents itself.

It seemed like the perfect foil for my favorite of all the Alliums: A. siculum bulgaricum.

Here’s a closer look, without the background noise. See why I like it?

An oddball iris with an oddball name: ‘Alley Oops’ (who thinks of these things?) made the cut as well.

A handful of pebbles serve the dual purpose of holding the stems in place and acting as a design element. Now I’ll send you to Rambling in the Garden, to see what Cathy and friends have found to put in a vase this week. About that very important date: it’s Monday of each and every week, for the punctual among you.

20 thoughts on “like the white rabbit…

    • The floral explosion this time of year presents a whole new type of frustration: missing out on so many things that come and go before I can stuff them in a vase. My consolation: there’s always next year.

  1. And I am late replying, but not intentionally 😉 I love the rustic simplicity of this and it is seated perfectly on the chair – thanks for sharing, regardless of the day it was posted on!!

  2. Photinia is such a lovely thing that gets a bad rap because it was, for a time, overplanted, and is often mistreated. Nice of you to feature it’s pretty foliage in your arrangement. Nicely done as always, late or not!

  3. Sorry to be so far behind reading blogs but glad I checked in to see your gorgeous Allium, Iris and Photinia foliage. Quite a nice combination.

  4. Sheesh…am I behind or what? Our Photinias are young and not very filled out. Maybe they get better air circulation than the older ones when they get quite bushy.

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