monday vase catch-up

I had so much fun on Saturday, making bouquets for our Twilight in the Garden party at Joy Creek.

This big, dramatic one is placed by the cash register, where there is a lot of visual clutter that the eye ignores in real life. Oh, well…The inspiration was the dark leaves and pineapple flowers of Eucomis ‘Oakhurst’. Finding color echoes was pretty easy: Eupatorium (does Joe Pye go by another name now?) makes a nice, fluffy filler, along with the leaves of a dark Heuchera. Pinot grapes dangle over the vase and a few stems of Leycesteria formosa complete the picture. The wind blows through the barn in the afternoons at such a rate that we need to secure the vase with rocks. I quite like the effect.

We had tables set up in the gardens to hold refreshments so we had need of several more arrangements.

The leaves of Pulmonaria and Hosta, a sprig of Lamium, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ still in bud and a single stem of Gladiola in a blue glass cylinder added up to a simple color scheme.

I can’t identify all of the elements in this one but I wanted to show it to you anyway.

An assortment of Heuchera leaves forms a little nest into which are inserted an assortment of Sedums, again in bud form.

Here you can see it set off by the metallic green of its vase.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Delusional Drive, that is) I’ve been keeping it simple, while still feeding the craving that Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday has instilled in so many of us. To sample her (and others’) latest creations, hop right on over to Rambling in the Garden for a peek.

24 thoughts on “monday vase catch-up

  1. A delectable assortment of lovelies. Having seen the size of the red container in person, I know that the first arrangement is especially impressive in both scale and artistry. I so admire your style and combinations!

  2. All your creations are delightful, although the first one is my favorite. The grapes and the Joe Pye weed make perfect companions. I smiled at your comment about the visual clutter that revealed itself when you reviewed your photo as that often happens to me – the brain’s ability to remove the visual obstructions the camera sees never ceases to amaze me.

  3. I attended the evening event at Joy Creek Nursery, and your big arrangement by the cash register caught my eye! I took a photo of it to show a friend who enjoys arranging flowers. Such an unusual color scheme!

  4. I’m sorry I missed your arrangements last night .Working my mother’s garden wears me out for doing doing anything else late in the day .

  5. Wow, Ricki, what a wonderful set of arrangements. I love the first one best – the grapes, heuchera leaves, pineapple lily and JPW are a winning combo.

  6. I’m sorry I didn’t make attending a priority. It was on my calendar but I was exhausted. Not that you asked us to pick favorites but that little green vase with the unidentifiable objects really caught my eye.

  7. Sorry I’m late coming over to see your vases, rickii – I tend to have a blogging break after Monday evening for a few days!! I loved seeing your assortment of vases and liked the one by the till in particular – if my ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ eucomis flowers this year I certainly won’t be cutting it for a vase, but I suppose it was the Nursery’s flowers you were playing with,,,,?! Good to read that other people noticed them too

    • The pineapple lilies at JC were abundant. I always need to be careful to cut without ruining the look of the garden. I’m with you in hoping for a specimen of my own one day.

  8. What fun to have the run of all the plants in the nursery for your vases! You certainly didn’t waste the opportunity, they’re all lovely – I especially like the green vase, and the grapes!

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