crowded in here


All of those plants that spruce up the great outdoors all summer long have to go somewhere when the temperatures drop into the teens (or even the twenties and low thirties…I’m just being dramatic). The southeast facing windows will keep them happy until liberation day. This is a little bit like one guest room and five guests: we love ’em, we want ’em, but where will we put ’em?


Every windowsill has been pressed into service.


But these are the spots where seed starting occurs in a couple of months. Oh dear, oh dear! I am developing empathy for the old woman who lived in a shoe.

8 thoughts on “crowded in here

  1. I wish we had so many windows. We have a few plants to bring indoors and not much room for them either. At least no place with any decent sunlight.

    And then there’s the cat who likes to dig in to pots…

  2. I know how you feel Ricky! I need to post a couple of pictures of our basement jungle (under the grow lights). Today was to be the day that the fairly hardy pots went back outside but sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. I’ll post about that tomorrow…

    It’s great that you have so many windows! Everybody looks happy!

  3. Good thing you brought them all in. I took some risks with my plants in pots and left some outside, and I think I might have a sad situation on my hands. One of my big agaves is looking mighty squishy. Should have followed your lead and crowded the stuff around the windows inside.

  4. Thank you…all of you…for reminding me to be grateful for our many windows.
    Joco: i only recently heard the term ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ to describe sanseveria. hope it doesn’t apply to all mother-in-laws, cuz i’m one.
    ICQB: as you can see, there’s not sufficient room in most of my pots for the cats to frolick. The one pot with dirt showing i filled with prickly pine cones…seems to do the trick.

  5. Hi Ricki~~ You’ve described so well the plight that we who need to grow frost sensitive plants have to endure. I suppose it’s one of the hardships we plant-a-holics must contend with. Such a burden. I hope we have mild weather from here on out so you’ll have room for your seeds.

  6. Grace: I seem to recall that we share a burning desire for a greenhouse…but then what gardener doesn’t? Richard hates clutter, so who knows? Maybe the plants and I will push him over the edge and he will bang something together. And I love your use of the tilde…just located it on my keyboard…mind if I borrow?

    Wendy~We’re happy now, but I think the plants and I will all go stir crazy at about the same time (around mid-March, would be my guess).

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