favoritism friday

Seems like most recent acquisitions usually qyalify as “favorites”.

Such is the case with ‘Tiger Jaws’ (they look more like shark jaws to me). When I said “I must have this”, R’s response was “you already have a bunch of plants just like it”. How unobservant can you get? Loree must suffer such comments frequently, when she sees the subtle differences from one Agave to another.

A snippet of Boston ivy, pilfered from a Thurman St. wall, is finally making its presence known. Will there be a vine-covered pump house in our lifetime?

Cotinus horizantalis variegata

Could happen. This groundcover began life in a 4″ pot some eight years ago.

Some combos shine at certain times of the year.

Ya gotta love a bed that requires almost nothing in the way of maintenance…would that it were always so.

Hebe ‘Red Edge’

OK, so after that intro, we’ll close with a couple more new additions: I’m crazy about the architecture of this Hebe. As a side note for those of you who live nearby: all hebes are on sale at 50% off at JC from Saturday (special bloggers’ preview) until closing at the end of October.

How can you not love the frilly foliage of Farfugium, one of my most recent heart-throbs? Loree at Danger Garden came up with the idea of featuring favorite plants on the last Friday of each month. No need to single out a favorite child…go for as many faves as you like…and next month you can do it all over again!

10 thoughts on “favoritism friday

  1. I love the curly Farfugium – and really all members of its ilk – but their thirsty habits have me keeping my distance. However, my garden does have a few Faucaria – I just moved 2 side by side at the front of a bed to ensure that they receive the admiration they deserve.

  2. Oh that Cotinus (which might really be a Cotoneaster?) is good looking! And yes… if I had a dime for every “but you already have one just like that”… well, I’d be able to buy the next one just like it that I see!

  3. You’ll have a vine-covered pump house very soon! Oh how I pity those silly non plant-addicted people who don’t see the subtle differences in plants that make us want them all. Love that Farfugium!

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