another monday, another vase

I liked the way the Heliantemum maximillianii yellows pick up where the yellow in the Dahlias leave off.

A touch of Autumn enters the picture with a branch from the sourwood tree. It will flame out in brilliant red as the days grow shorter.

More russet tones compliments of the crape myrtle.

A branch of dogwood yielded up a few of its little red fruits.

I had to take a few steps back to include the Solidago ‘Fireworks’ shooting off in every direction. I’m a day late for Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’ but you can still get in on the fun by clicking HERE.

14 thoughts on “another monday, another vase

    • It gives me great pleasure to insinuate myself into your garden by way of pass-along plants…but not nearly as much pleasure as sharing hugs at our get-togethers.

  1. I love the Solidago ‘Fireworks’ shooting off in every direction. A perfect celebration of the end of summer and the beginning of autumn with beautiful elements of both seasons.

  2. What a brilliantly co-ordinated vase, rickii – you pointed out yourself how the helianthememum picks out the yellow in the dahlia but you have also added that fabric which is perfect! Lovely!

  3. I don’t think you could have found a better background for that arrangement than that table runner – it’s perfect. People keep telling me that pink and yellow flowers aren’t supposed to be a good match but I think they’re crazy. Mother Nature certainly doesn’t hesitate to combine the two.

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