magical succulents + iavom

They tend to be a bit fragile, so bits and bobs are always breaking off from the mother plants.

I had a pot that needed some filling in at ground level so just poked those bits into the soil. Voila! In a matter of weeks they had surpassed all expectation. Kinda reminds me of Jack and his magic beanstock.

This little vase is an afterthought because it took shape a couple of weeks ago. The mums last and last in a vase even though the great outdoors destroyed what was left out there. Supplemented by some dried Persicaria and Chasmanthium latifolium and a decorative leaf plucked from a NOID houseplant, I’ll offer it up for Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’.

13 thoughts on “magical succulents + iavom

  1. Nice arc and flow to your charming arrangement, Ricki. The background complements it. I didn’t realize that Persicaria can be dried. Yet another asset to this hardy plant. 🙂

  2. Oh how similar are the contents of our vases, rickii?! Persicaria, hardy chrysanthemum, grass and a leaf! Great minds…! Thanks for sharing yours – and your energetic succulents

  3. Its those little triumphs of cuttings rooted, flowers dried, and arrangements which come from nowhere, that can give us those moments of contentment even when we think the gardening year is over. Thanks for sharing.

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