trees, part one

Several bloggers have raised the question “fake or real?” You can go here to find a table of pros and cons, but I would like to suggest a third way. For many years now, we have settled on some evergreen that we would like to have in our landscape and purchased it to first serve as a Christmas tree. When our property was small, we would coax it along for several years in a big pot before planting it out. Our trees were never the traditional firs, but they were always interesting. An Italian cypress accentuated the verticality of vaulted ceilings, while taking up little of the limited floor space. A Deodora cedar taught us that three years is about max for keeping a tree pent up in a pot.


This year, I settled on a Weeping Norway Spruce Picea abies ‘Pendula’. I sort of forgot that the selection of interesting trees would be depleted by now, but I am quite happy with this guy, and will post tomorrow, when he will be all decked out in seasonal finery.

But wait! There is even a fourth way.


A savvy friend gave me this exceptional topiary frame. Last year, when we were snowed in for the holidays, I decorated it in lieu of a tree, using dried allium seedheads, and other remnants from the garden. We are having a house-full this year, so I may go all out and use this too. You will know tomorrow.

Almost forgot yet another option. There are businesses that will rent you a living tree, delivery and pickup included. So whatever your moral and/or emotional stance, there’s a tree for you out there somewhere.

7 thoughts on “trees, part one

  1. What a lovely post idea.
    I suddenly realize that our garden is littered with the previous owners’ live Xmas trees. Never put two and two together before.

    You will enjoy that weeping spruce when it is mature: it sounds like the sea when you walk past it. Very strange sensation. Can’t work out why it does that.

    And that covered deck… well, that is something I really envy. Is it part of a porch?

    “Rent-a-tree”, almost as good as “Rent-a-ghost”.

  2. Hi Ricki~~ Your this year’s choice is a real looker. I love the form and texture. And I think I’d kill for that topiary frame! If it goes missing…uh, don’t blame me. How’s that for Christmas spirit? Okay consider me slapped. It will be fun to see your creative bedecking.

  3. Wendy: good idea about using the frame as is…especially since I ran out of steam before getting to that project.

    Jo: The sound of the sea…I will be looking forward to that. And yes, the covered deck/porch gets a lot of use in all but the very hottest and coldest days.

    Grace: It’s great to have friends with such good taste.

    Loree: Thought you might appreciate our goofy tree. Done up version coming up, but not that easy to photograph.

  4. As one who has a silver aluminum tree in my ’56 ranch, the debate is over!
    I love your ideas for alternatives: there really is something for every belief and taste.

  5. I really wanted to get a living tree this year, but the family nixed it. A local nursery has a great program where if you buy one and bring it back all healthy, they will plant it in a nearby park. Maybe next year. Hope you had fun with your guests and holidays!

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