the vase is the thing

My friend Linda just opened an Etsy shop. Check it out HERE. I couldn’t resist ordering a couple of these adorable hand built small pots to give as gifts. The two-part one in the foreground, I am keeping for myself…must admit to difficulty parting with the others but that’s love for you.

Because there is no drainage hole, I am using it, stacked, as a vase. I can see putting wooden matches in it and using the rough surface for striking. At only a few inches tall, it is easy to incorporate into a tablescape or use as a bright spot in cramped quarters.

The other two little pots do have drainage holes. I wanted them to be used inside without worrying about leakage staining surfaces. Enter Tillandsias: problem solved.

You can see how putting it in a saucer would obscure the three little pot feet that are part of its charm.

I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the Tillandsias but I can tell you that I got them from a new Solabee shop that just opened in a remodeled space across the street from the post office in NW Portland (24th & Thurman) next door to the new home of Betsy & Iya (another great gift buying destination).

I’ll link here to Rambling in the Garden, where Cathy hosts ‘In a Vase on Monday’ where we have gotten hooked on bringing the garden’s goodness indoors.

17 thoughts on “the vase is the thing

    • The great thing about Etsy is the ability to buy things from anywhere in the world. I just received shipment of an elegant tshirt from France (they do have a sense of style over there).

  1. I’m pleased to see my little pots in their new home . I’ve been making flat platforms for the pots to sit on , I’ll send you a couple when I’ve finished them.

  2. You chose three charming pots and have filled them perfectly! Thanks for the reminder to check out Linda’s shop as well as that new Solabee, I drove by a few months ago and meant to return when I had more time, then promptly forgot!

  3. These look so sweet, rickii, and I like the way the footed one is angled, which adds and interesting touch; your little displays are delightful and a great example of how easy it is to introduce plant material for display inside our houses.

  4. Love the pots and what you’ve done with them. So glad Linda has started an Etsy shop as I’ve admired the pictures of her pots she’s posted on her blog! Off to shop! Sending you hugs and love. Keep dry!

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