christmas recap/happy new year

I have a wonderful little tree in a gorgeous red pot that has been earmarked for Christmas duty. The pot itself weighs quite a bit. Add to that the fact that I neglected to move it onto the covered deck before the rains came, adding all that water weight. We decided that a medical emergency over a Christmas tree might mar the “Merry” so I settled for throwing some lights and ornaments on the Hoya that was already living in the so designated room.

I am very fond of my collection of Margaret Furlong angels.

Each angel follows the basic shell theme but carries a different symbol of the season.

The winds had blown gobs of lichen out of the trees so I gathered enough bits to fill this decorative glass plate as background for five of the angels.

It makes a nice centerpiece when placed on this runner from Ikea and flanked by a collection of crystal and plain old glass candle holders with white candles. The “Christmas tree” will be dismantled soon, but the table setting gets to stay for New Years.

Several of these wooden village pieces were made by friends many years ago. We don’t have a mantle but now that we are catless (boo hoo) I can press the pony wall into service.

Keeping it simple is always a challenge in my world.

A bunch of tin icicles dripping from the Kalanchloe orgyanum and that did it for us in the decorating department.

But I do so enjoy wretched excess when I see it. This spotted on our way to the Trader Joe’s in NW Portland. Here’s hoping you will experience an excess of JOY in the coming year.


17 thoughts on “christmas recap/happy new year

  1. Hi,
    I love the angels in the blown down moss and liken. It was fun reading about all your decorating ideas.
    Miss you. I hope you have a great New Year celebration. The one we had all the years ago is still one of the best that I have ever had.

    • Oh Brook! We have thought of and mentioned you often. I actually did some Christmas cards this year (first time in many) but had no address for you. Hoping 2019 will bring us together often.

  2. Happy new year to you, dear Rickii! I love your hoya tree! What a wonderful way to train that plant. Bet it’s extra special when it blooms. Your lichen idea is fabulous and I may copy it one of these days as I often admire fallen lichens. I didn’t do much decorating this year but, like you, I admire the excessive displays of others.

    • Peter, you are one of the blogspot bloggers whose comments will not work for me. I wanted to tell you that the arrangement with the red berries and Poinsettia (that you were not altogether satisfied with) I found spectacular.

  3. That’s one heck of a Hoya! Love your tablescape and the pony wall treatment. I’m so sorry you’re catless, it’s odd when the absence of our furry family members hits us isn’t it? We got back into town last night and I found myself thinking about picking up Lila at the dog hotel… ????

  4. Happy New Year, Ricki. I like your Hoya trimmed ‘tree’ very much. This is the first year that we didn’t have a trad. Xmas tree, and I really didn’t miss it, and won’t miss the hours it took to dismantle it. Garlands are a lot easier!

  5. I bet your Hoya tree enjoys being a real star this Holiday Season! It looks great!
    Love the idea of setting a table for both Christmas and the New Year. I often do the same and call it my Winter Table. Also, I like how you used white color for your table decor.
    Happy New Year, Ricki!

    • Since we use this table for breakfast, reading the newspaper, etc., it my look a little shopworn by New Years, but so be it. Thanks for your comment. I will try to return the favor but it doesn’t always work on blogspot.

    • The ‘Fatal Error’ message sounds ominous but doesn’t seem to mean a thing,cuz here you are! Your little pots were a big hit with the lucky recipients.

  6. Happy Holidays Ricki ~ Happy New Year! So glad you are back blogging again 🙂 I like a minimalist Christmas too, but my kids had other plans. OY!

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