not as easy as it looks

I watched through the kitchen window as Richard struggled with this mix of greenery, trying to get it to do his bidding. He’s an artist so eventually he coaxed it into a pleasing configuration. If you have been following Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme, you would be forgiven if you assume that this flower arranging gig is easy-peasy. After all, the many participants consistently come up with gorgeous arrangements. To be fair, the flowers and greens themselves are pretty enough to carry the day if all you do is plunk a handful into a jug and call it good. Many of the Monday entries are real works of art and their creators often are generous with tips and tricks employed to get them there.

Those greens were still looking fresh even after sitting on our deck since the holidays. I decided to piggy-back on that success story by adding some sprigs of Nandina and three stems of Hellebore…sorry, I don’t have a name for this one but it endears itself to me by holding its head up high to show off its sweet coloring and pattern rather than nodding shyly as so many of them do.

Interesting (to me) how different it looks in different lighting situations.

Now here’s a closer look at those peachy Hellebores.

I can’t resist giving you a peek at my Valentine tulips. They were tightly furled when they arrived and looked like they would be solid red. What a pleasant surprise to see the delicate white margins as the petals opened. I’ve had mixed results from transferring potted tulips to the garden but one can hope. Speaking of hope: I hope I have convinced you to visit Cathy’s Rambling in the Garden and even to join in the weekly fun and games.

Now…if you are moved to leave a comment (and I adore getting comments) please do not be put off by the ominous “fatal error” message. I haven’t the skill to fix this annoying problem. On the up-side, your comment will appear nevertheless, so please ignore the nasty warning. Who knows what WordPress is up to here: seriously, if you have any ideas for a fix I will be eternally grateful.

20 thoughts on “not as easy as it looks

  1. Yes, even those who don’t see ourselves as arrangers know we can make pleasing vases from plunking 😉 The pretty nandina leaves pick up the pink in the hellebore perfectly and Richard’s ‘pleasing configuration of greens’ was nicely enhanced by their addition. Thank you for sharing it and I hope your snow goes as quickly as it comes

  2. Good to understand about the Error message; I’d stopped commenting because I thought I was the problem. If you contact WordPress they should help. I like your re purposed vase, very enterprising.

  3. You’ll have to get Richard out collecting your vase material more often , at least till the weather improves . I’m ready for that to happen !

  4. Aha! Here you are! Glad I left that message about comments. Still having no luck leaving comments for you and several other blogspotters but I will try again. Not being a techie has its drawbacks.

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