a flowery start to the week

‘Thalia’ is the last of the daffys to bloom (and my favorite). Normally I would cut only a few to enjoy indoors but heavy rain had beaten many of them down. I consider this a rescue mission. The vase was spotted at our everything store, where they have started adding more than the plain glass ‘hospital vases’ we are used to. It goes nicely with the tea light holder gifted to us earlier by a house guest.

It is necessary to get right up close to detect the light fragrance, which is just how I like it.

The arrangement at work needed plumping up, so out with the Hellebores and in with a couple of branches of Corylopsis and some evergreens. The Pieris ‘Karenoma’ is still hanging on, bless its heart, as is the Arum italicum leaf. The barn turns into a wind tunnel most afternoons, so to keep the vase from toppling over I placed it inside this larger, black pot and filled the space between the two with gravel to weigh it down. Spring makes for some exciting posies over at Rambling in the Garden, so don’t miss it.

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9 thoughts on “a flowery start to the week

  1. Both posies are lovely! I have been loving all the Corylopsis around Portland, so it’s sweet to see it in your JC vase. I have some Pieris blossoms in a vase with a NOID Camellia japonica at the Astoria house as I write this.

  2. N. ‘Thalia’ are a favorite of mine, they remind me of white doves flying.
    Your big arrangement is beautiful, Ricki!

  3. Sorry to be late checking out your vase rickii – I tend to have a bit if a blog greak after the Monday rush (UK tine). Thakia has become one of everybody’s favourite and what a lovely new vase you gave put yours in. You have additional constraints with your work vase but the end result looks most springlike

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