So much of what is bloomingnow is a treat for the nose. I look forward to the scent of lilacs that transports me to my gram’s casual side yard (never referred to as a “garden”). The bottlebrush blooms of privet and a few store-bought Alstromeria fill in the blank spots.

Lily-of-the-valley, Convallaria majalis is taking over the bed where it was introduced. I was warned, but it just means I can cut as many as I like and sniff away.

Enkianthus is an extremely slow-growing tree with clusters of bell-shaped flowers adorned with subtle stripes.

See what I mean? I adore these.

This is indeed the season for an embarrassment of riches. Excorda ‘The Bride’ is showing off her gown of white and turning heads. The Rhodys are strutting their stuff (here we have ‘Horizon Sunset’) along with Choisya ‘Sundance’ with fragrant white blooms.

Whensome things wimp out, others come along to take their place. Here I added three stems of our native Camassia and a few Centaurea montana.

Who doesn’t love a touch of blue?

The red vase was just asking for some red Rhodies and a dark Anthriscus leaf to set them off. Am I filling every nook and cranny with flowers? You bet! Why, there’s even a little posy in the port-a-potty. Don’t mis out on Cathy’s collection of bloggers’ vases at Rambling in the Garden.

Now…if you are moved to leave a comment (and I adore getting comments) please do not be put off by the ominous “fatal error” message. I haven’t the skill to fix this annoying problem. On the up-side, your comment will appear nevertheless, so please ignore the nasty warning. Who knows what WordPress is up to here: seriously, if you have any ideas for a fix I will be eternally grateful.

18 thoughts on “nosegays

  1. You’re inspired me to get out and start snipping. My old Rhodie. with it’s huge pink blooms ! I’ll bring those in before it drops petals all over my nice spring planting.

  2. I am as spring-crazy over flowers of all kinds this year as you are. These arrangements are lovely, and must add immensely to the enjoyment of a visit to Joy Creek (or maybe they’re for your house, but I didn’t think you had a home port-a-potty!) Wherever you have them, here’s to your gorgeous collections of spring blooms!

  3. Your arrangements are gorgeous, Ricki! You’re right about Enkianthus being VERY slow growing. I guess I should just be grateful mine is alive. My neighbor gifted me with a large pot of Lily of the Valley bulbs. Since all of my earlier attempts at growing this plant have failed, I’m rethinking where I’ll put them. If they do surprise me and grow, I will have more goodies for my vases. I love that fragrance. Yeah, fatal error sounds so ominous. They need to fix that. 🙂

    • It has something to do with the “good old days” when people carried around little bouquets of sweet-smelling flowers to counteract the stench of life in general.

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