IAVOM (believe it or not)

Epimediums are so delicate

I’m not going to work (cuz, you know…I’m old) so here I am making bouquets at home. There’s so much going on out there that it is hard to choose. Hence several arrangements tucked in here and there around the house and deck.

I like to give them plenty of space
so we can see the intricate details, up close and personal
Lilacs with Euphorbias

The Lilacs are just coming on, so I stuck them in with a big bouquet of Euphorbia wulfenii that resulted from a cutting back project (two weeks ago and they’re still looking fresh). I cut back then dug out a huge clump of it. Because of its profligate ways there are still plenty of new clumps here and there. I would hate to be without it.

Thalia against Hanoki Cypress background

That vase is fairly flat (if we looked at it from the side it would look narrow). In the background is a pair of candlesticks made by Richard and the cloth was a gift brought back from Japan by my boss, Maurice. Oh, and the little hand-crafted vase in the first photo came from a craft fair (alas, a thing of the past, at least for now). Cathy’s https://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2020/04/20/in-a-vase-on-monday-cuckoo-in-the-nest/ meme is NOT a thing of the past and I am pleased to be joining in this Monday.

9 thoughts on “IAVOM (believe it or not)

  1. Not just ONE vase on Monday, but THREE! I especially love the first one with the epimediums, reminding us that amid the brash and bold plants in our garden are many smaller and more delicate ones that we could miss if we didn’t look closely. Definitely a lesson to be learned there. I love the quirkiness of the vase too. The third ‘flat’ vase looks similar to the one I used last week and I would love yours just as much if it was mine instead! You have lots of interesting artefacts so please continue with your Monday vases so we can see some more! Do take care rickii, especially now you are ‘old’… 🙂

    • The dark background really makes the Narcissi pop, doesn’t it? Thanks for commenting: I’ve lost a lot of traffic with the long absence but know I can count on you!

  2. All vases lovely – but was particularly taken by all of your different colours of epimedium. Such a gentle, subtle effect. I echo Cathy – you take care of your ‘old’ self, and the rest of us oldies will do our best too!

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