catching up

end of May bouquet

Iris season slipped right by without a single one making it to a vase but the Peonies and Foxgloves were not to be denied. I’m not a big fan of pink, but pairing it with the bronze of Persicaria Red Dragon makes it OK by me.

today’s bouquet

The Dahlias are just beginning to put in an appearance. Here, I’ve paired them with Lysimachia ‘Alexander’

‘Alexander’s’ foliage is supposed to be variegated

I started with a single plant that has multiplied nicely but only a few still sport the variegated foliage. The rest have reverted to solid green.

Sweet Peas

It has been a few years since having success with sweet peas. What was I thinking? The fragrance is heavenly. The clear marbles hold the stems upright nicely.

My Mothers’ Day bouquet came with some orchids in the mix. They were kept fresh in these water-filled tubes that also took the place of stems. Neat tool, don’t you think?

My favorite task at work is creating big, showy bouquets to showcase the plants we carry (admittedly, I often fail to resist a few that are in the display gardens but not for sale on the tables). When the weather is cool, many of the blooms last for two weeks or even longer.

In which case, a little fluffing up is all that is required. Cathy is completely dependable with her weekly In a Vase on Monday posts. I do continue to make bouquets but posting about them seems to have fallen by the wayside of late. Summer, you know…it calls us into our gardens, where the stress of these times tends to fall away and there is no place I would rather be…how about you?

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