bloom (?) day

Here it is! The one thing blooming outside right now.


Once all the Christmas razzle dazzle gets put away, the racks in front of our one-stop shopping center fill up with cheery primroses. I can never resist picking up a few to brighten the entryway deck. Once other things displace them, they go into the ground in the woodland. The white ones are most satisfying. The blues and pinks kind of disappear against the dark background of the forest duff, but the white sparkles and seems more vigorous as well. These began blooming as soon as the snow melted.

7 thoughts on “bloom (?) day

  1. Hiya Sprig,
    I think your ‘herald-of-Spring’ is a treasure.
    And I love them all: gaudy, striped, tall and short, the entire population of the Primula family are stars in my view.

  2. Hi Ricki~~ What a lovely harbinger of what’s to come. My primroses disappear too. Only permanently. I think it’s because I don’t water them in the summer and they’re dwarfed by all the exuberance. Either this or it’s the slugs. Okay enough of my bemoaning.

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