ray of light

Yesterday brought light spilling across the breakfast table. A walk was called for.


The path down through the back of our property gets pretty overgrown by mid summer, but right now the extreme weather has beaten back the blackberries (see…some good did come of it) to reveal great swathes of sword ferns.


A big old hemlock has moss-covered stumps of limbs that look almost like spokes interspersed with the living branches. The close-up view is a nice reward for tramping through brambles.


The way the moss captures the light turns everything sculptural.


I love the way ferns grow out of the mossy trees. Those Oregon grape look so much happier than the ones I planted.


Color, texture…the forest floor has it all.


Now that’s texture!


The people before us sold off many of the large cedars on the property. It was a scarred landscape, but even the stumps are being reclaimed by nature and draped in beauty. She does a better job than I could dream of, so whenever I become frustrated by lack of progress in the cultivated garden all I need do is take a stroll back here. Hope you enjoyed coming with me this time.

6 thoughts on “ray of light

  1. You mean they sold the cedars for wood?
    Are there any left for you to show us?
    Your moss is a lot more artistic than mine, which merely covers paths and makes them look tatty.
    Also: I never knew there was a tree called hemlock. Thought it was only a (poisonous) biennial carrotty herb: Conium maculatum.

  2. Hi Ricki~~ I enjoyed it very much, thank you. Yours is the quintessential western Oregon, ferns and moss thriving under towering conifers. You’re very lucky to have such an oasis at your fingertips. I used to live on ten acres with a pond and I know what you mean about the accessibility thanks to winter’s culling. I love moss and you’ve got some very healthy patches there.

    The weather is improving isn’t it?

  3. Wendy~Thanks for joining me.
    Loree~Lucky for sure!…to have the forest, and to have such cyber-friends.
    Jo~Oh, yes..we figure they made about $50,000. Many still standing though, and I will take some photos to show you. Funny, I only know hemlock as tree.
    Grace~Yep…warmer at least, but I am continually amused as the weather guys keep trying to find new ways to say it will rain.

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