breaking up is hard to do

This is the view of Delusional Drive as you are leaving our little chunk of paradise. We are hard-pressed to understand how so many potential buyers have toured the property and failed to fall in love.

Oh well, that just means that we have more time to enjoy dinners with friends out under the cherry trees. Which reminds me of a wonderful Italian movie ‘The Story of Boys and Girls’ that truly celebrates the art of dining al fresco.

The moon has been putting on a pretty good show of late…wouldn’t have wanted to miss that!

And some things are just coming into their own, like this sea of nutmeg thyme. I suspended keeping up with Sprig to Twig for a long time because it felt like I was just repeating myself. Now that we are getting ready to say goodbye, there is a new poignancy to things that had been taken for granted.

Having anticipated a move for quite some time, several treasures reside in pots, not all of which come off looking as intentional as this one.

Other favorites are waiting for a change in the weather so that I can dig up a little bit to take with us. I will surely miss the many special specimens that have come from blogging buddies, enabling drifts, like these Phlomus, to bring continuity to a large property. New challenges may revitalize my interest in blogging, above all staying in touch with the stellar group of people who connect this way. In the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed that some gardener will come along to raise this special property to new heights.

2 thoughts on “breaking up is hard to do

  1. So glad to see another Spring to Twig! It does seen weird that no one has fallen in love with the house yet, for sure. Best wishes for a perfect match to come your way.

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