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One of my favorite little shops is in NW Portland on 24th, just off Thurman. Its name is Oxalis and it is in part of a little house, with garden art out front, all kinds of fun gifts in the house and plants out back. Like so many places that sell plants, once the season passes and the offerings lose their summer luster, great deals are to be had. I picked up Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Helena’s Blush’, Hebe ‘Silver Dollar’ and Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ for a song. (actually, they probably would have paid me to spare them any singing)


They went into this petrified wood planter, where they are too crowded to stay for long. ‘Helena’ blushes deeper as temperatures drop, so she has provided a nice alternative to flowers in the dark months.

12 thoughts on “winter steals

  1. Hi Ricki~~ Helena is both a stunner and a stalwart. It doesn’t get any better than that. I LOVE the petrified planter. It’s perfect for these plants. Do you have any qualms about taking pictures of Oxalis? Your description of it sounds tantalizing. I too love these kinds of places.

  2. Hiya Ricki,

    I saw you posted again. Very diligent. I seem to be out of synch this new year.

    That is such a cosy little corner you show us there. That stuff would actually grow on a live wooden pole, making its own compost.

    BTW, what is that intriguing segmented object in the right hand bottom corner of your image?

  3. I love a bargain. It seems to make me love the plant more and worry about it less!
    That pinky euphorbia is lovely for this time of year. Having been overrun by several euphorbias earlier in my gardening life, I’m overly cautious about introducing any to the new garden. But I keep seeing lovely ones: yours and others local bloggers have posted about. I guess I should be braver.

  4. Grace~I had seen your photo of ‘Helena’s Blush’ and that’s what made me know enough to grab it. Good idea about taking pictures of Oxalis. I will clear it with them first, but any publicity is good publicity, right?

    Jo~Less to blog about, but more time to do it this time of year…a conundrum.
    Our neighbor builds bird feeders. That is what you see in the corner of the shot…one waiting to be taken to him for repairs.

    Jane~Yes, some of the Euphorbias seed around. I am beginning to run out of friends to gift with them. What do you think about drifts? The other option is just to view them as weeds and yank them out.

    Loree~Watch for a post devoted to Oxalis, per Grace’s suggestion. It is right around the corner from Dragonfly coffee shop, so you can treat it as destination shopping.

  5. You guys have all the coolest nurseries down there. I’m jealous! I am glad they didn’t charge you much for that sedum, it spreads like CRAZY so be careful where you put it once you take it out of that cool container! I love it too but got it from a neighbor whose garden it had completely taken over.

  6. Karen~I have a few places where crazy spreading would be welcome, but thanks for the warning. Seems like when I want something to go nuts it hangs back and pouts (and vice-versa, of course).

    I would be surprised if any nursery objected to exposure, but I view asking as just part of the dialogue.

  7. I saw a sign for this place recently when I was picking up lunch around the corner. I poked around but didn’t see any plants, I’ll need to head back and look more closely.
    I love that petrified wood planter you have, very clever.

  8. Megan~The Dragonfly Cafe is a favorite place to sip a latte and while away some time. The cute sign for Oxalis is pretty indicative of their attitude. I have always found interesting succulents in the little room off to the side, but the main collection of plants is out back. Their stock is probably pretty low until the first flush of spring merchandise.

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  10. Darryl~Welcome! And thanks for the kind words. Your bird feeders are cool…especially the red cardinal. We have none of those…does it work for other birds as well?

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