8 thoughts on “spiky garden for your finger

  1. More like a knuckle-duster 🙂

    You can call it that when you are you going to invent a special cocktail for when you next wear it.
    Little sister of the Harvey Wallbanger 🙂

  2. Carolina~I knew this ring would go over big with my cyberpals!

    Jo~Ha! ‘The Knuckleduster’…I like it. It would be akin to a ‘Grasshopper’ but with more booze.

    Wendy & Jane~Porcelain, so not soft. Dangerous in more ways than one.

    Grace & Loree~You read my mind…or I read yours.

  3. Are they the same people who make the grass-topped rings? I love those! This one is hilarious. I had to ban myself from Etsy, I was spending waaay too much $$!

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