winter delights


There are a couple of things about this photo that I want to share with you. The first is that winter sun above the treetops, which needs no pointing out from this guide. The second thing, you will just have to take on faith. See the black specks in the treetop front and center? When I looked out this morning, they were moving. At first, I thought they were leaves, but they were floating from branch to branch, rather than falling to the ground. Quick…the binoc’s…they were hummingbirds…lots of hummingbirds! This is definitely the sort of thing that can make one’s day!

6 thoughts on “winter delights

  1. I will take your word for it and how very exciting! Do you think they are migrating, uh, North yet?
    Or late to the party and moving South? Either way, it must have been a wonderful, uplifting sight!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would close my eyes and try to imprint this vision into my brain forever. I am doing it from your photo and description, even without witnessing it for myself. Thanks!

  3. All~I knew you would all share the thrill!

    Jane~We get Annas at the feeder year-round, but only by twos and threes. Even through the glasses, it was impossible to distinguish color, but my guess is that these were Anna and all of her friends and relations.

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