couch bling


When friends bought a new couch for their TV room, they found it comfy but boring. Laurie had certain colors and sizes in mind, but didn’t want to wait. I loaned them some pillows to use while I worked on the custom order.


Working with a color palette chosen by someone else can be fun and challenging. I gave Laurie swatches of all my fabrics, from which she chose rust, taupe, steel gray and a touch of bright yellow.


I call this one ‘Bubbles’. I made two of these, so one is now available in my Etsy shop.


‘Waveburst’ is the other one she chose, after deciding that the loaner pillows would have to stay as well.


The mixture of colors, sizes and designs works surprisingly well. Indoor shots are never very true to the colors, but you get the idea. I love the isolation of my studio, but this project put me in touch with the kind of new thinking that collaboration can bring to bear.

6 thoughts on “couch bling

  1. Just great! It’s amazing what good graphics will do for a nice, but subtle background color. That couch IS very nice, and your pillows make it great!

  2. Grace~Thanks for always being so supportive!

    Jo~Fun idea, but I would need a bigger studio. Hmmm.

    Jane~Unleashing “graphics” from “advertising” rocks my world.

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