day for love

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day to all you sweethearts out there.


Here’s my sweetheart in front of our “sweetheart trees”. We call them that because they have been standing there together long enough to grow that tall. Richard is 6’3″, so the trees are mighty tall indeed. When I mentioned, in a previous post, the logging that had gone on here, Jo asked if there were still big trees standing. Oh, yes.


I could point my camera in any direction and get a shot like this. Hemlock, Fir and Cedar, mainly, with Alder and Maple taking over in the logged areas (we’re hoping these will eventually shade out the dreaded blackberries)…living proof that nature abhors a vacuum.

4 thoughts on “day for love

  1. “Nature abhors a vacuum.” So true!! I’m afraid it wouldn’t take long for my garden, left unattended, to devolve into an amorphous jungle. It happens on a mini-scale all the time. Your trees are magnificent.

  2. Grace~Wish I could remember where I saw a post about the fate of gardens when the gardener is absent…blog overload!

    Jeannie~Plenty of envy to go around, but we can share virtually, at least. Glad you like the banners.

    Jane~LOVE is in the air…Happy Spring!

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