here’s to the wearin’ o’ the green


Happy St Patrick’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am three quarters Irish. My dad’s family was from County Cork, and my mom’s side had just enough of the auld sod thrown in to make up the other quarter. More importantly, my son, Din, was born on this day. Then of course there’s the greenness of it all. Any gardener would have to appreciate that! And the beer…but I’m getting carried away beyond my professed “couple” of reasons. I’ll just encourage you to enjoy yourselves on this whimsical holiday.

3 thoughts on “here’s to the wearin’ o’ the green

  1. Hi Ricki~~ Well a belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. And a happy day for your boy–definitely the best of all reasons to celebrate! And just look at the weather!!!

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