always on the lookout

Another Etsy find to pass along.


I’m still fairly new to Etsy, and it never occurred to me to look for plants there. Then this photo showed up in one of the Showcases and, well, one thing led to another. The spiral aloe shown here sold out immediately (small wonder) but Horticopia has lots of other interesting stuff. Worth a gander, if you don’t mind being tempted.

6 thoughts on “always on the lookout

  1. Wendy~Be careful…it could put the “ow” in your “wooooowwww”

    Loree~But isn’t “danger” your middle name?

    Jane~There is a whole category for plants, which I aim to explore one day soon.

  2. I looked into your spiral aloe. It grows only in a very limited range in Lesotho, and does not survive long in cultivation. Here’s what the web site hat to say:
    “It has become a prized collector’s item and is possibly also used for muthi. Due to this and the specific habitat requirements, the numbers in the wild have diminished and it is now listed as endangered.”
    Sigh… another plant on the way to being loved to death!

  3. Jane~Thanks for doing the research. The seller sounded responsible, but there are many wonderful plants to love without getting into (possibly) shady practices.

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