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This one’s for you, Grace. Follow the link to see Grace’s collection of tarps and her very special humor at work. But first, take a walk with me around my neighborhood. My special pet peeve used to be the collection of cars that seem to build up in residents’ driveways, often spilling onto surrounding fields. At one point, the top prize went to one property sporting no less than 18 vehicles. Lately, this blot on the neighborhood has been dwindling. Not that I had anything to do with that, but perhaps if I turn my psychic energy towards the proliferation of tarps, they, too, will begin to disappear. Dare we hope?


Here we have a veritable village of tarps, cars, railroad cars (Lord knows what is stored in there), facing directly onto the road for our viewing pleasure.


Slummy though this may be, at least it is tucked out of sight behind some roadside shrubbery.


I do understand the need to keep wood dry, but do you see all those massive outbuildings in the background? What do you suppose those are for?


Another example of “why the tarp?” when a brand new 3 car garage stands empty right behind it. Not sure if you can see the several tarped lumps at the back of the picture.


In some cases, the tarp may be the only thing holding the building together. Right next door to this lovely abode is…


this decidedly tarpless, neat-as-a-pin home. No wonder the first thing the young man who built it did was plant a fast-growing, dense hedge on all sides.


Then there are the antique tarps. This one looks to have been here almost as long as the building.


This lovely collection (7 by my count) is directly across the road from us. There were large trees running down that side of the road, shielding us from this view. Two weekends ago, down came the trees. It is up to us now to plant as many fast-growing trees and shrubs in our mixed hedgerow as we can muster, cuz I don’t think the tarp infestation will be cured any time soon.

6 thoughts on “tarp tour

  1. Don’t start me on the tarp rant–My back neighbors have put tarp up on our shared fence to block us out… on our side of the fence, to add insult to injury…I’m going to snip it off…

  2. Hah, I was about to scold you for being
    the neighborhood “good taste” nazi–a little
    uppity–until viewing your photos. Yikes,
    point made, I stand corrected

  3. Loree~Only too happy to add to the tarp lexicon.

    Linda~Turf battles and border disputes are a way of life out here.

    Marci~We have an ongoing conversation about snarkiness. Most of us apologize, but eat it up.

  4. Hi Ricki~~ I’m late but I’m here now. Oh, you got some DOOZIES!!! That last one is a killer! And I was [still am actually] laughing out loud over the tarp holding the building together. You are a riot! And those mysterious outbuildings… Hmmm…

    Thank you for the link-love!

    For accuracy’s sake I must say that I am not the initial instigator of Tarpitis sitings. This honor goes to Christine in Alaska. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see that awareness is on the rise. You know what they say, recognizing the problem is the first step. šŸ™‚

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