tulip death


The tulip bed that was such a bust last year (its first) bade visitors a cheerful greeting this time around.


Not even Camille could top this dying act. The petals fell…there they are, strewn artfully on the ground…leaving behind a configuration arguably more interesting than the tulip in full flower. I may have to make an arrangement of these. It reminds me of an Eleanor Roosevelt quote “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

5 thoughts on “tulip death

  1. My tulips came on in stages, so it seemed like a long time (most of it in anticipation). The tall ones are first, and they were beaten down by the rain. The shorter ones fared better, though arriving later did little to save them from driving rain.

  2. Just call you Morticia Addams. It’s a shame the petals went so quickly, but I admire your ability to appreciate another phase in the tulips’ lives!

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